As the official website for Taylor (Barker) Smigiel’s art, you are welcome to view her entire collection of paintings, past to most recent. Taylor is a very aesthetically driven artist working primarily with the acrylic and watercolor mediums. Unlike a lot of artists that strive for a message to be delivered in their pieces, she simply enjoy the exploration of how paint works and flows, and how basic shapes can create something so lovely. Taylor likes to classify her work as simple beauty. Many of her works may not have hundreds of layers or an extreme amount of detail, but there are little pieces of elegance and sparkle incorporated that grab a viewer’s eye. Much of where she finds inspiration is just from observation. Seeing the way bubbles look in a bath tub and infusing that shape or coloration into her art works. Much of her works are based off photography and the imagery that can be derived from taking photos. Her subject matter is usually figurative or floral. Please browse the gallery, and contact Taylor with any questions or commission requests!